2025 Outline

You have been writing about your outdoor adventures, and want to know how to edit your own work and possibly get it published.

The workshop will be structured around two half-day sessions, each with theory, discussion, and workshops.

1 Defining your audience and choosing an angle
What makes a good piece of writing? Who is your audience? The value of reading widely, with examples.

2 How to edit your own work
How can we get an objective view of our own work? What is the process for editing your own writing? How can we improve? The art of reading aloud.

3 Getting advice and feedback from others
The adventure writing school will provide opportunity for everyone to share their work, to gain feedback, and to learn how to give feedback to others. Learn about the value of ‘first readers’ – readers who can help you improve your work before submitting it to an editor or publication.

4 Getting published
The workshop will also cover what outdoor publications exist in New Zealand, and what editors want from writers. There will also be advice for planning a significant piece of writing, such as a feature-length article or book.

The aim will be an atmosphere of encouragement and constructive critique.






Adults: TBC. There is a maximum of 12 students.

Refund policy: If you have to pull out of the AFS and we can fill your spot, 100% refund. If you have to pull out before the course fills up, same 100% refund. If you pull out late and the course is full, and we can’t fill your spot, no refund.


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